36 Weeks

36 weeks today – another pregnancy milestone I wasn’t sure I would reach!

On Monday afternoon, I was back in L&D triage because I was having serious back and lower abdominal pain and contractions. Baby boy is really, really low already and the nurse wasn’t surprised I was experiencing so much pain. It’s the beginning of the end, I guess, but I am continuing to go to work and trying to sleep and hoping he stays in for one more week.

Future President definitely senses that something is about to change. At 3 1/2, he obviously understands a lot of what we’re talking about and I try not to say things in front of him to make him worry or stressed, but I know he senses things are different. He’s been a lot more demanding of my time, insisting that I help him get in and out of his car seat, with bath time and getting dressed. No one else can help him, not even Daddy. Last night he wouldn’t go to sleep until finally we caved and let him sleep in our bed, but let’s face it – a Queen-sized bed is not big enough to accommodate all three of us plus my extremely large stomach. So I slept on the guest bed and tossed and turned, but that’s what I’m doing most nights now. I was so bored at one point during my restless night that I checked to see if iOS 8 had been released early so I could download it.

Today we visit the pediatric urologist to find out more about baby’s kidney problems and what all is involved after birth to correct it. I’m trying not to freak out.


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