14 Things I’m Looking Forward to After Pregnancy

  1. Wearing zip-up pants
  2. Holding Future President on my lap
  3. Making sharp left and right turns while driving without wincing in pain
  4. Walking for more than 5 minutes without getting breathless
  5. Wearing high heels
  6. Eating ice cream (or any sugary treats) without feeling guilty
  7. Turning over in bed without effort or pain
  8. Being able to lift Future President without worrying I’m going to go into labor
  9. Taking a step out of bed without shooting pains going up my feet
  10. Going clothes shopping at regular stores
  11. Making meals that involve more than the microwave or toaster
  12. Reading in bed without needing 5 pillows as props
  13. Eating sushi
  14. Spooning with my husband

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