Preschool, Day 4

In what might be the shortest time spent at preschool, today Future President spent an hour and half at preschool before being picked up by his grandma. 

The short version of this preschool drama: it’s not going well. 

The longer version of this preschool drama: here’s why — I haven’t blogged about this before, but Future President has sensory processing disorder (SPD), which makes transitions to new environments tough. In particular, loud new environments are very difficult for him. I didn’t anticipate how terrifying it would be for him to be around so many other 3 and 4 year old boys, some of whom are sensory seekers and over the course of the day, or even hour, get louder and louder. Of course, my own 3 year old can be rambunctious and loud, just like any other kid, but in loud situations he withdraws and gets distressed.

So now what? 

The search for a new preschool begins. Maybe there isn’t a preschool out there that can meet his needs and the whole idea of preschool gets scrapped. But I’m not willing to give up yet. There are many reasons why preschool is a good idea for him, including learning to adjust to group settings and louder environments. I want him to love school like I did, but in order for this to happen, he needs to feel successful and comfortable in his environment. So well in advance of first grade, I want him to get used to new (and even loud) places, to learn how to thrive in group environments and play well with other children.

I have read books and blogs and joined support groups and I honestly thought my first-choice preschool was the right place for him. After three days of hell, I’m not so sure. No mother wants to get a phone call from a teacher saying their child needs to be picked up because he is too “emotionally distressed.” I work an hour away from preschool and my husband’s court schedule doesn’t allow him to pick up Future President when phone calls like this are made. We are lucky that we have mothers that can help in a pinch, but they have their own lives and schedules. 

So stay tuned. Maybe tomorrow he’ll make it a full two hours? 


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