34 Weeks

We made it to 34 weeks! According to my pregnancy app, if I make it full term, there are 42 days left in this pregnancy. But baby boy, listen up: please come sooner than that. Mommy can’t take this much longer. But not too soon. Future President predicted on Monday that baby brother would arrive in four days. I’d take 37 weeks though, which would mean there are only 21 days left. A September baby instead of an October baby? I can barely wrap my mind around it.

Just yesterday someone told me, “I have to say, you look really uncomfortable.” And while that’s probably the nicest pregnancy-related insult I’ve received to date, I still didn’t appreciate it. Yes, I’m uncomfortable. In fact, if I add up all of the aches and pains related to pregnancy, I think I would cover almost every part of the body. From the burning and tingling sensation in my legs, feet, arms and hands to the leg cramps and round ligament pain, from the sciatica nerve pain and headaches to the tingling in my face, the gestational diabetes, and the fact that my teeth are turning a weird color because of the vitamins I’m taking, not to mention the preterm contractions and genetic testing scares and unresolved kidney problems for baby boy…this pregnancy has been far from easy. To top things off, I’ve come down with a terrible cold where my nose basically drips constantly and I have a terrible sore throat. Pregnancy-induced insomnia makes it hard to recover from even a cold and Tylenol does almost nothing for pain. Where are the women who love being pregnant? I’d love to hear from them.

The baby’s nursery is almost ready and except for the infant insert in the pack ‘n play and installing the car seat, we are ready to welcome him home. I haven’t packed a hospital bag yet or found the Boppy pillow, and new nursing-friendly pjs are on my to-do list, but really, if he decided to come in 21 days and none of those things were done beforehand, we would be still be ready. We might not have a name picked out (oh the drama!), but we’re ready. 


4 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. Do not pack that bag. Don’t do it. Each kid’s birth started within hours of that bag getting packed. You can order things from diapers.com and they arrive the next day. Saved me so much stress right before S was born. Thinking of you!

    And I never loved being pregnant. But the end result was awesome.

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