MILP Roundup #359

The weekly Mothers In the Legal Profession Roundup (MILP) is hosted on a rotating basis on the following blogs: ButterflyfishGraceBJJ, Law, and LivingMommy and the Sin CityMagic CookieThe Reluctant Grownup; and right here at Perspectives of a Hard Boiled Egg.

This roundup includes posts between Monday, August 4 and Monday, August 11

Kids do the darndest things: Alice finds her son practicing the art of the selfie; CM’s Bill makes a fashion statement (and is that Kate making a fashion statement with her hair or what?!?); and LL’s Claire goes to exercise class with her mama.

Can we all just agree that pregnancy is awful but that it’s totally worth it? But I do…is both happy NOT to be pregnant but a little sad that time of her life is (probably) over. Cee agrees: pregnancy is the worst but–how can we savor these moments with our littles as time flies? Pregnancy is also the worst for planning: what happens if baby comes early (and, as Frenchie contemplates, you need to be in court)? And, surprise!, K joins the growing group of pregnant MILPs.

Parenthood is full of ups and downs: MM wonders what to do with her time when the kids are away, while Daisy enjoys a child-free day with her husband. Portia has a case of the Mondays. And the chaos doesn’t subside for Queen of Hats but at least they found another car. 

And lastly: if you haven’t, go read RG’s touching post about Robin Williams.


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