I Am Totally Freaking Out

One of Future President’s favorite shows is Peg + Cat, the adorable, math-loving PBS cartoon whose title character periodically exclaims, “I am totally freaking out!” 

And that’s exactly how I felt this weekend. 

All of the sudden, at 29 weeks and 3 days, I had to know where my breast pump was, where the newborn insert for the baby tub was, and to find all the blankets and newborn clothes and wash them. Immediately.

My panic reached such hysteria that my Ikea-hating husband suggested we make a stop there first thing Sunday morning to buy a dresser, since I’ve been lamenting that we have no where to store baby’s clothes, hats and blankets. 

I have no idea where this panic came from, except to blame pregnancy hormones. Because really, a newborn baby doesn’t need much besides milk and diapers. Oh crap. Diapers. Add that to the list of things I don’t have yet. 

If I get the pack-n-play set up with the bassinet, find the baby blankets, assemble the dresser, wash and fold the newborn clothes, and buy diapers, I will begin to feel calm.



2 thoughts on “I Am Totally Freaking Out

  1. I think 29 weeks makes sense as the “starting to freak out” point. One of my friends just delivered at 36 weeks, with her first! Thankfully, the baby is doing well, but she was NOT prepared. I am officially going to start sorting through my not-so-organized baby clothes in storage this weekend!

    • It’s amazing what I chose to keep after baby #1. Almost all of the newborn clothes have some sort of stain on them, but I figure, why throw them out now? Baby #2 will be in newborn clothes for just a few weeks, then it will be time!

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