Deep in the Heart of Texas

On Wednesday, I returned from a work trip that was coupled with time spent with two of my best friends and I have concluded that sometimes being an adult doesn’t suck. Because let’s face it: these last few months have been awful. To top it all off, I had a root canal the day before I left.

Do you have friends that you don’t see for a long time, a year even, and can pick up right where you left off? I am so lucky to have friends like this. Some highlights of my trip included staying up late talking with two of my closest friends, just like in high school; swimming with a friend from library school and lamenting about hard pregnancies and navigating the scary world of parenting and careers; making silly jokes about badly named menu items and truck stop mementos; watching terrible reality TV; getting pedicures; and watching a rodeo.


You know what else is awesome? Realizing again that I’ve made the right career choice. There are many days I wonder why I went to law school, why I didn’t take the bar, why I don’t just suck it up and become a real lawyer, etc. But a work conference with over 1000 other people who made similar career choices is just what I needed to feel confident. I mean, I will be paying off my student loans for eternity, but that’s okay.

Another perk of being away for six days? Appreciating my family. I missed them. And it was a surprise and delight that the house wasn’t a complete disaster when I returned home. To thank my husband for being a single parent, I gave him the new Civilization Revolution for iPhone/iPad. And if you knew how much I hate the phrase “just one more turn” you’d realize that this really is true love.



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