Are You Just Really Bloated?

In the past few months, I’ve been subjected to the following questions and statements:

  • Wow, you’re really waddling!
  • Are you pregnant or just really bloated?
  • You’re sure you’re not having twins? (This by a medical professional.)
  • You look miserable.
  • Are you going to make it through the summer? 

What is it about being pregnant that gives people the impression that they can or should comment on my appearance? At least no strangers have tried to touch my stomach. This mama has just about had it with life, her body and the heat. I’m not sure I could contain my rage if someone tried to touch me without permission. 

And seriously, while we’re talking about rage: why do the receptionists at medical offices ask you to verify your address and phone number EVERY SINGLE VISIT when it’s apparent from your medical records that you visit that office or one in the same practice on a weekly basis? Yesterday I spoke to one scheduler on the phone, who then transferred me to someone else, who asked me to verify my address again. 30 seconds later. Did I invent some sort of time travel that would allow me to move houses that fast? *RANT OVER*


3 thoughts on “Are You Just Really Bloated?

  1. I had a ton of old ladies at church EVERY week asked me the same questions. My favorite to add to the list is “You look like you are about to pop! When are you due?” followed by my reply that I was no where near due yet which usually caused some sort of horrified look.

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