Naming the Baby, Part 2

In the past few days, I’ve suggested some new baby names.

My husband’s responses:
That sounds like a serial killer.
Too many C sounds.
I’ll take it under consideration.

When he suggests names I don’t like, my reason is often that I’ve met someone with that name and I didn’t like him. Or, more likely, I don’t want our kid saddled with a politician’s name, especially a current politician. For those readers who know us in real life, you know exactly who I’m talking about.

I know I shouldn’t be so worried because when we went to the hospital with Future President we had a list and didn’t use any of them. His name just came to us. I’m sure a similar thing will happen this time around.

I just wish some of my favorite names weren’t on the top 10 lists. Why does everyone love William like I do?


2 thoughts on “Naming the Baby, Part 2

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  2. I put my father, brothers, and husband in a room (back when they didn’t hate each other) and made them come up with all the possible schoolyard taunts for every name. I also recommend a trick used for naming dogs (and I did do this with my kid): Open the back door and yell the name. Sure, the neighbors will think you’re crazy, but it works. You’ll rule some of them out right away.

    We agonized over my kid’s name (boy names are easy peasy–we have a dozen we loved, but girl names we could not agree on), can’t remember who came up with it (as a possible name, since it’s a place), chose it because it was short, easy to spell, unlikely to be mispronounced, and was something we figured a woman in her 30s and 40s could live with. And we picked a middle name that allows for five or six nicknames, just in case.

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