When All You’ve Got Isn’t Enough

When you’ve given every last drop of energy to teach a really good class, and then go home to a messy house and a hungry toddler and an empty refrigerator, you are allowed to feel overwhelmed. 

When you’ve stayed up all night with heart burn and insomnia, and then sit in traffic for over an hour on the way to work, and the first meeting of the day goes really, really bad, it’s okay to feel crushed. 

When you look at the piles of infant gear and think about all of things that still need to be purchased, and then you hear the loud crash of a toy box being emptied on the just-vacuumed floor, you can sit down in the middle of the hallway and cry. 

When the only thing you want to do is sleep and your bed has piles of clean clothes that will not fold themselves and the sheets should be washed because your toddler’s diaper emptied pee all over, you should allow yourself to push the clothes aside and go to sleep anyway. 

When you really need a few hours to yourself, but the thought of leaving the house is too exhausting, and you can’t get a pedicure because you haven’t shaved in a week, it’s okay to lock yourself in the bathroom with Candy Crush because even 10 minutes might be enough to get you through the rest of the day. 

When the only thing you can find for lunch is a can of soup, and your desk drawer at work is tragically void of candy, it’s okay to stop at Starbucks on the way home for a pastry and coffee. 

You got this. 


2 thoughts on “When All You’ve Got Isn’t Enough

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