The Beating Heart

At my 20-week ultrasound, which I had to go to by myself because of my husband’s court schedule, I was sure we would get more bad news. The ultrasound tech was too busy trying to get a hair out of her eye in between anatomy views for me to gauge whether she had a good poker face but nothing about the actual ultrasound seemed out of the ordinary. But that’s what I thought at 13 weeks.

The specialist came in at the end of the scan to inform me that baby has excess fluid around one of his kidneys, which apparently isn’t unusual for boys. It’s something to monitor and I’ll have another ultrasound at 32 weeks. But I sort of felt like, what next? The doctor didn’t seem too concerned and everything else looked fine so I’m trying not to worry.

At our fetal echocardiogram yesterday, baby hiccuped and didn’t want to cooperate at first but we got a detailed (ok, I just saw blobs but apparently highly trained doctors can see a lot!) look at baby’s heart and everything looks normal.

I couldn’t stop crying.

We have been on an emotional roller coaster these past few months. My husband wouldn’t discuss baby names because he didn’t want to get too attached to the baby, even more than we already are.

But here we are, having made it through all of these tests, very hopeful that everything will be fine. The excess fluid around the kidney will hopefully resolve by birth and we will have a normal, healthy baby.

And now we can finally get serious about a name


3 thoughts on “The Beating Heart

  1. Thinking of you often. I completely understand the name fears. I didn’t even tell our nurse and OB while in labor because I was still worried. Am so glad baby boy’s heart is strong. What a relief for you.

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