What Should I Read Next?


Reading List, 2014

I set my GoodReads reading goal to 36 books this year, before I found out I was pregnant. Now my goal is to finish 36 books before baby arrives and I’m 14 books in to finishing my goal. Why must I finish before baby arrives? Well, let’s just say reading and nursing at the same time was very difficult for me the first time around, although I did manage to read Cutting for Stone (and it’s a LONG book) on my iPhone during feedings. So maybe there’s hope after all for my literacy well being.

I’ve read a lot of Young Adult fiction this year. After reading the heartbreaking The Fault in Our Stars, I took a hiatus from John Green but then read his other books in quick succession. None were as good as TFIOS, but all were enjoyable. And I kept wishing books like this existed when I was growing up. I also found mention of A.S. King’s Reality Boy on a book blog, and immediately downloaded it to listen to on my commute. Even though it’s YA, it was amazing. So, so good.

At some point, I will review some of my other recent reads, but I will quickly say this: read the Veronica Mars novel after you watch the movie, and prepare to have your socks knocked off!

Right now, I’m reading The Goldfinch, which is really good (and sad!) but very dense and it’s going to take me a while to finish. So in addition to this lunchtime read, I want to add something lighter to bedtime reading. Oh, and audiobooks. I need suggestions as everything I want to listen to is already checked out from the library.

What’s the best thing you’ve read lately? Is the rest of the Divergent series worth reading? Because let’s be real, it’s no Hunger Games!


2 thoughts on “What Should I Read Next?

  1. I’ve heard the Divergent series is really good, from Hunger Games enthusiasts no less (although they agree, it’s not the same!). I may put that series on my list soon. From your graphic above, I’ve read The Supreme Macaroni Company and it was pretty good. I don’t regret reading it but it paled in comparison to The Shoemaker’s Wife which I utterly adored! Also, I loved Cuckoo’s Calling which I listened to, and unlike The Circle, the actor is great.

    Lately I’ve been into historical fiction–listened to the first two books of Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy (about World Wars I and II). Both were excellent and I liked the reader. In between, I’ve started Phillippa Gregory’s Cousin’s War series–White Queen, Red Queen and Lady of the Rivers. All good with non-annoying readers.

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