Naming the Baby

When we went to the hospital for the birth of our first son, we had a list of five names we were seriously considering. We used none of them. After Future President was born, my husband said, what about P? I liked it. We went with it. There was no hand wringing but I did make my husband look up the meaning before writing it down on hospital paperwork. 

And now that we’re having another boy, I’m revisiting the contenders from last time and I’ve added a few new ones as well. My husband’s policy: King, President or appears in the Bible. Doesn’t he realize some biblical names are absolutely ridiculous and hard to pronounce? Of course he does. There’s always a caveat. After going through life with a mispronounced name, I decided I want my kids to have names that are easy to pronounce and spell. But I don’t want a name so common it appears in the top 10 (or even 20 or 30) baby names of the past five years.  

But what if your friends named their baby the name you like most? Seriously. Is this taboo? Does it matter how frequently you see these friends? Or does it not matter at all? Your friends don’t have dibs on the best names, do they? 

Do you have a favorite boy name (that you don’t plan to use on your own kid!)? Tell me! Taking suggestions that aren’t ABCD or include an apostrophe. 



4 thoughts on “Naming the Baby

  1. Our mutual Friends Who Shall Not Be Named But Also Have Two Boys used our other boy name, M, for their first son. So we didn’t use it on our second boy. That said, if you or anyone decided to use one of my boys’ names, I’d probably be like “WHAT?!” for about two minutes and then I’d be fine with it.

    BTW, I hope your husband is willing to expand his name criteria; some mafiosos, supreme leaders, and dictators, maybe? To spice things up? If your first child is Future President, perhaps your second child will be Future Insurgent, so no need to typecast. 🙂

  2. As my friends and I have approached the child-bearing stage of my life, my policy has been to announce early and often — whenever tentative, wistful baby name discussions arise — that I do not “play that game” wherein people attempt to call dibs on baby names, because, I say, “there’s no such thing as dibs on names.” I honestly believe this is the only way to do things, because my husband and I may CHOOSE to refrain from naming our baby a name if we know another family has recently used it but NO ONE ELSE may prevent us from doing so because it will be our baby to name. And ours alone. If people know your position up front, they can hardly cry foul and get territorial later on. You go ahead and name your baby whatever you want, and trust that your friends will do the same for their babies.

  3. Our oldest boy is named John, but called Jack. Since he was born, two of our groomsmen from our wedding named their oldest boy the same thing. I kind of love it, actually – we started this domino effect. 😉
    Anyhow, I’ve now had, and named, my third boy and final child. These are the ones we considered, so feel free to use any and all if you’d like! Or you can use the ones we used – Jack (John), Liam (William), or Craig – because I’d never know the diff anyhow, now would I?

    Reid (this was my favorite, but the hubs didn’t like it)
    Malcolm (another favorite, but my dad hated it and his continued professed hatred of it kinda ruined it for me)

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