“As full of spirit as the month of May”

Yesterday we received the good news that our baby (it’s a boy!) is developing exactly as he should be in a healthy placenta. At my early, 16-week anatomy scan, I saw five fingers on each hand, tiny little toes, his brain and heard the heart beat again. As my doctor said, things are progressing as they should and hopefully by 28 weeks, I will have graduated from maternal fetal care back into the sole care of my regular OB but will continue to have ultrasounds every four weeks. (You can read more about our first trimester health scare here.)

But during the ultrasound, I was sweating. I found that my hands were clutching the bottom of my shirt and I had to constantly remind myself to calm down. My husband couldn’t come to this appointment with me. Such is the life of a lawyer who is in court all the time. Of course, he has backup in case of an emergency, but his clients and the judge rely on him. I understand. But I was lonely without him, watching the ultrasound tech’s face closely for any sign of emotion. I told her that ultrasound techs must be good poker players because I wouldn’t have been able to detect any sign of distress on her face or in her body language. 

In other news, Future President was accepted to our top choice in preschools. We have preschool preview date set up, and his first day of school calendared. And now to prepare him! I keep telling him when we drive by the road the school is on – that’s the road, your school is down there. Last week he told me he doesn’t like school because it’s too crowded. I’m hoping to take him to more group activities this summer when work is less crazy to get him used to playing in groups. I know the first few weeks, or even months, will be hard, but I’m hopeful that school will give him something of his own before baby #2 arrives. 

After our trip to Hawaii, we had a day at home to do laundry and run errands and then we were traveling again to my husband’s 10-year college reunion. It’s been a crazy few weeks, and this weekend I’m off to Seattle for a girls’ weekend to celebrate birthdays and friendship. My plan is to eat all weekend long. 

Happy May Day!


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