Hi from Hawaii

Right now I am sitting on a beach chair next to a pool, the sun is shining and the wind is blowing the tall palm trees.

After the last few weeks, this trip is exactly what our family needed. Of course, this trip was planned months ago, but the timing has been perfect. We haven’t spent this much time together as a family of 3 since my maternity leave when Future President was born.

I want to remember this feeling of relaxation. Of playing so hard we all sleep 11 hours at night. Of enjoying leisurely meals on the balcony. Our life is so busy and I feel like we spend most of the time in the car, commuting and transporting Future President around. The weekends are a small reprieve but at some point errands must be run and laundry done and the house cleaned, etc and etc.

Life is bound to be crazier when baby 2 arrives. So for right now, I’m soaking up the sun and enjoying the view and these precious moments of doing absolutely nothing except swimming and sunning.

When life gets crazy again in a few days, I want to just breathe and remember this view.



One thought on “Hi from Hawaii

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