The Last Forever

I am now 100% convinced I could never be a TV critic, because after last night’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, I have all sorts of feelings but am pretty sure a blog post cannot convey how sad I am that 1) it ended the way it did and 2) I wasted my time on this last season at all. Anyway, I’ll try.

I’m not sad I watched the show, though. It’s one of the comedies my husband and I have enjoyed together, since the very beginning. And after nine years, which is how long we’ve been married, we both agree that the show did a fantastic job of portraying life after college, with the highs and lows of job loss, marriage, babies, breakups, and even death. Life after college is hard and the show didn’t shy away from portraying that, as well as the crazy, funny, and awesome ways to celebrate adulthood. 

The two scenes that made me cry the most:

  • When Robin said goodbye to Lily in the old apartment. “We’ll always be friends. It’s just never going to be like how it was,” Robin says. And I too mourned the loss of the way wonderful friendships once were, that are no longer the same because life goes on. 
  • When Barney met his daughter. I’m not a fan of how that daughter came to be (suggesting that some things never change and some people revert back to their immature selfs) and how Barney spoke of No. 31, but NPH knocked it out of the park with the emotional meeting of his true love. 

But who am I kidding? I cried most of the way through. 

My absolute favorite episode of the series was Season 8, Episode 12: The Final Page, Part 2, when despite all of Ted’s accomplishments, he is still alone. Barney reveals that his playbook has been all about getting Robin to say yes to his marriage proposal. Marshall and Lily spend time away from their son for the first time, and it doesn’t go exactly as planned. It was such a bittersweet episode. 

Here’s what I said about it when it aired in December of 2012.

How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows on TV. At least from the perspective of a married couple that lives with the husband’s parents, has one child, and sort of figures life has to turn around one of these days. Right? 

In the last few seasons, HIMYM has rightfully turned a bit dour. It’s taken an emotional downward spiral as Ted continues to wonder where and if he will meet Mrs. Right. Robin wonders if she and Barney are actually meant to be together and Barney gets engaged to the wrong woman. Robin’s career takes many wrong turns before she finally lands on her feet. Ted’s career also careens in many directions. Ted, Robin and Marshall all sacrifice the lofty ideals of their young adulthood just to pay the bills and to work. Lilly and Marshall experience heartache at the loss of his father and the joy at the birth of their son. Marshall loses his job and then gets a new one, but one that doesn’t pay enough that Lilly can stay home with Marvin.

And while the show is NOT realistic in the sense that these young 30 somethings live in mansions by NYC standards and wear fantastics clothes (did you see Robin’s owl sweater a few episodes ago? Yeah, that was Burberry. $1200.), it touches on so many themes that tell me the writers just get it.

The economy sucks. People are out of work, underemployed, selling their souls, doing what it takes to get by. This week’s episode was so wonderful. The song that played at the end, “Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic was so perfect. Ted is still all alone. But we know it will get better. We do. 

“So let your heart hold fast
for this soon
shall pass
like the high 
tide takes the
sand.” – Fort Atlantic

I’m not content that Ted ended up with Robin, because I really don’t think that she is Mrs. Right for Him. I’m not happy that Barney has only sort of matured after we spent an entire season (and more!) being convinced that Robin and Barney should be together, only for their marriage to end because Robin was traveling a lot for work. I’m very sad that The Mother died and six years later, the kids were a-ok with their father moving on without a twinge of sadness. 

Did you watch the finale? What did you think? 



3 thoughts on “The Last Forever

  1. I’ve read a couple of articles here and there to sort of… help me cope with the way they wrapped things up. In my mind, had they just ended the episode with Ted meeting the Mother under the unbrella, it would have been good enough for me. I really liked the whole episode, showing the evolution of everyone through the years, but it was completely unnecessary to “shock” us by having Robin and Ted end up together. What made me saddest of all was that we spent all season getting to know the Mother, really liking her, and especially liking her for Ted, only to see her die in the last 5 minutes of the episode! It was not enough time to process. 5 minutes is not enough for me/us to process her death, and then be happy that Ted ended up with Robin after all.

    • I totally agree that if the episode had ended with them under the umbrella, I would be in a much better place with the show as a whole.

      And you’re right that the death happened too close to the end to really process it. And maybe it’s just me, but was Ted a little too much like John Cusack in Say Anything at the end?

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