Friday Reads

The Overprotected Kid is an interesting article about how “kids these days” get too much supervision from parents and other adults. When I was a kid, we would spend hours in the jungle behind our apartment building, climbing on large boulders and swinging on vines. We were even stalked by rabid dogs. Before the 8th grade, I was riding a public bus to the library all by myself. And yet I’m horrified to think of my son doing any of these things. Maybe we are too overprotective!

Speaking of parenting, check out this hilarious parody, New Parenting Study Released. Hilarious because: see above. I read them, too! ALL.THE.TIME.

In Search of Oxford is a fabulous travel essay and brought me back to what was honestly one of the top five experiences of my life: living in Oxford.

An old essay I keep thinking about, The Richness of Empty Evenings, makes me anticipate silence and worry less about making gourmet meals (let’s face it, that only happens once or twice a month!).

Sacred and Profane revisits the Waco siege and posits whether a different negotiation tactic would have ended in less bloodshed.


One thought on “Friday Reads

  1. The article on Koresh was heartbreaking for so many reasons, not the least of which is how unnecessary all that bloodshed was. I vividly remember the siege–and the media coverage that portrayed Koresh as Jim Jones II, essentially–and I appreciate Gladwell’s assertion that we have the right to live on the fringes.

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