A Taste of Spring

It’s amazing what a little sun does for my mood. The weekend and Monday were glorious here, with clear skies and warm sun. The grass dried up enough to mow, which led to a good old-fashioned game of croquet in the backyard and there were walks and picking up sticks and stomping on ants. Future President got his first pair of flip flops and spent lots of time kicking them off and turning the bottoms of his feet green.


And now it’s raining again. For some reason the rain makes it a little less painful that even though it is Spring Break, I am at work for most of the week. It’s weeks like these I really wish I was a teacher – to have Spring Break and Christmas and summer vacation off to spend with my family. I can’t complain about the amount of vacation time I get at my job, but because of various cutbacks, there’s no way for more than one or two people to take time off at once. So I’m slogging away at work this week, looking forward to our upcoming tropical vacation that’s just a little over three weeks away, trying not to fret that for at least the first day or two of said tropical vacation, I will blind everyone on the island with my pasty white arms and legs.



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