Friday Reads

My Dementia: Telling Who I am Before I Forget is a compelling and heartbreaking story about a professor’s mental decline. Her awareness of what she no longer knows is staggeringly profound.

This article about breast pumps made me laugh. I spent many, many hours behind a closed door at work pumping, pumping, pumping and I will never forget that sound. I’m grateful the technology exists, but I wish there was a more efficient solution for working moms to continue to provide milk for their babies. On-site child care is my vote!

Eileen Fisher, business woman and fashion designer, talks about work-life balance. I’d like to be home by 3, too!

Speaking of parenting: grab some tissues before you watch this Dear Future Mom video created for a woman pregnant with a child with Down Syndrome. Very moving.

Helping Dad Die: A Daughter’s Story of course reminds me of Me Before You, the book I can’t forget because it haunts me. What if? What if? What if?


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads

  1. I don’t mean this to diminish the hopelessness and sorrow of dementia sufferers, but just as an observation – my experience of long-term sleep deprivation yields similar experiences. I start a sentence and can’t finish, cannot do math in my head, cannot read a map (like, I can’t manipulate my position on the map in my head to fathom where I am on it), cannot recall words I know well (i.e. teaching a CLE the other day I could NOT recall that Tom Perez was the Secretary of __________ – that’s LABOR by the way, I stumbled out wage and hour or something lame), cannot hold a concept in mind in the time it takes to switch from one computer window to another . . . of course, all i need to do is sleep one night (OMYGOD ONE NIGHT HOW GLORIOUS) to erase these deficits, which makes my subjective experience of them less hopeless and more drudgery. Still – she was describing me right now, kind of spookily.

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