TOMS on Sale!

Zulily is having another TOMS sale today. If you’re a TOMS lover like I am, this is the perfect sale to check out new styles. 

Check out the sale with the links below:

  • TOMS kids sale + Free Shipping on orders of $65+ at zulily from 6am PT on 2/19 to 6am PT on 2/22.
  • TOMS women’s sale + Free Shipping on orders of $65+ at zulily from 6am PT on 2/19 to 6am PT on 2/22.

If you aren’t familiar with the TOMS One for One program, the gist of it is that for every pair of shoes (and glasses) purchased, a pair of shoes is given to someone in need. It’s a great program, similar to my favorite glasses company, Warby Parker. 

I love these little boy camo shoes. 

TOMS shoesAnd while I own way too many shoes, including five pairs of TOMS, I’m eyeing these for myself. One pair of TOMS I own are a pair of wedges and they are so comfortable! I can wear them all day without tripping or getting a blister. 

TOMS wedgesDo you love TOMS shoes as much as I do? Which pair are you going to buy? 




2 thoughts on “TOMS on Sale!

  1. I showed great restraint and only purchased two pairs–not for me. I love the wedges (I have two pairs, one thanks to your last reminder about a sale) and I recently purchased two pairs of the classics as a nod to my current state. I justify my habit because of their One for One Program. And because I love shoes, and apparently buy them in twos much in the same way that David Sedaris can only speak French in plural.

    • I just bought two pairs, one for me and one for Future President. It was all I could do to stop adding the classic pairs to my cart; (un)fortunately they were out of my size. Thank you for sharing in my TOMS obsession. 🙂

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