Snow Day Shenanigans

I am home from work today, taking a sanctioned snow day to hang out with Future President. Work shut down early yesterday and since I was already working from home, based on the snowpocalypse weather report, I got to avoid the ridiculous traffic jams all around the city and dangerous driving conditions.

As I worked, I kept staring out the window as the snow just kept coming, for a total of seven inches. It was so cold that the snow is so light and fluffy, I felt like I was transported back to Utah.

This morning we played in the snow. In true Portland fashion, Future President and I don’t actually own any ski gear but since we have plenty of rain gear, we made do. No snow boots? No snow pants or jacket? No problem. Layer, layer, layer and hope your toes don’t freeze in rain boots. No sled? It’s still fun to walk around, eat snow and throw it in the air. The snow was so fluffy I couldn’t even make a snow ball or snowman. Or maybe I’m just an amateur.

My husband has all the ski gear a person could ever need or want, so he got to shovel.

And then it was time to go back in since rain boots are not equal to snow boots, and it’s been a leisurely morning just hanging out in our pajamas, playing and watching TV.



2 thoughts on “Snow Day Shenanigans

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