Saying Goodbye to Blue


He’s a constant companion and favorite of Future President. He goes to bed with him, is with him when he wakes, and an emergency manhunt ensues when Blue goes missing.

At one point there were five, but slowly they were lost or just got too old. And now there are just three: one at home and two with grandmas.

We are saying goodbye to the remaining Blues in a few weeks. Future President will be three and it’s high time for him to say goodbye.

I have no idea where it started, but once upon a time a long while ago, Future President’s pacifier became Blue. All pacifiers are called Blue, regardless of actual color. And we’ve been telling him for about 3 months that when he turns 3, it will be time to say goodbye forever.

At first, we took Blue away during car rides, with exceptions for long trips. He’s had it on the plane but for at least a year the only time he uses a pacifier is at nap and bedtime. But like I said, it’s time.

I told him when I was a little girl I had to throw mine away and watched the garbage man take it away in his truck. I think this is actually true. So that’s what he has planned: a long wave to Blue when he’s 3.

Of course, I think it’s cruel to do this on the day of his birthday so we will have to wait and see what happens. It’s going to be painful, I know.

Any tips on making this transition easier?


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