A Weekend Getaway to Southern CA

I’m always complaining that it’s so hard to make friends at this stage of life. The husbands have to get along, the wives have to get along, and the kids have to get along. It’s exhausting trying to make that many personalities work just right. It’s sort of like family dating. Anyway, we are very fortunate that my husband’s cousin, who is also one of his best friends, has a wonderful wife, who turned into one of my best friends, and our children like each other, too. So we went to see them in California this past weekend, to get out of the rain and away from the Christmas decorations that haven’t been put away.

Sunset on the way to California

Sunset on the way to California

It was a great vacation. Our very first stop was at In-N-Out. Any vacation that starts at In-N-Out is going to be great! I just realized I have no pictures from In-N-Out because the food is so yummy and too messy, so pictures are difficult.

The kids played at the park, L and I got mani-pedis, I got to see two of my aunts, we went shopping, the kids road a carousel, we ate at Cafe Rio, we went to the beach, we ate at In-N-Out again, and we went to Legoland, where the lines were short and the weather was perfect.

I’m going to blog about our trip to Legoland in a separate post, but I will say this: ages 2, 3 and 6 are the perfect ages for kids to visit Legoland. There’s something for everyone at that age. Also: go to Legoland when San Diego is in the NFL playoffs. Most locals were home watching the game, or alternatively, getting their kids ready for school the next day after a three-week winter break. I’m already planning a trip to Disney on Super Bowl Sunday. (Just kidding, but boy, do I wish!)

P.S. Cafe Rio just opened in Spokane and a new location will open this Spring or Summer in Lynnwood at the Alderwood Mall. I would just like to add my two cents that a Cafe Rio would do marvelously in the Portland area and my family alone would probably eat there enough to support a Portland location. As I like to joke, Future President is half Cafe Rio tortilla soup as I ate so much of it when I was pregnant.


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Getaway to Southern CA

    • Order the tortilla soup and the shredded chicken salad with creamy tomatillo dressing. You won’t be disappointed! You are a lucky lady that it’s so close to you. I have to fly or drive many hours to get my fix. šŸ™‚

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