The Problem With Sale Shopping

Christmas is about giving and celebration. But at some point it turned into bags upon bags of gifts that needed to be wrapped. I can’t help myself. I love shopping and I love a good sale but at some point it has to stop. My husband and son do not need more presents. Neither does my sister or brother. Or SIL.

But when I walk into T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods or really, anywhere, I’m on the hunt. I shop for presents all year long. But I don’t stop. My son does not need more Thomas trains or Cars cars. But if they’re on sale, I buy them.

This morning I bought my husband another Christmas present that I know he will like. Does he need it? No. But I couldn’t help myself. I love buying things for people.

Once upon a time, I vowed to only buy Future President something to read, something to wear and something to play with. And then stop. But my compulsion to buy things, especially when they’re on sale, means he’s getting a lot more than three things. Maybe next year I’ll do better.

Of course, some of the things I’ve purchased are high on a shelf in a closet, waiting for his birthday or maybe even next Christmas. The next time I see a magical sale, I need to remind myself that I’ve already bought enough toys. I’m beginning to think the only remedy is to stop shopping altogether. I don’t need more clothes, my son doesn’t need more toys and my husband doesn’t need more ties (or Playmobil!).

Tell me I’m not the only one with this problem! What’s the solution? No shopping? Unsubscribing from deal emails? Probably yes to both.


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