Christmas Crafts with Kids

I’m not creative when it comes to doing crafts with my son. I need inspiration. After our gingerbread house and gingerbread man decorating this past weekend, I’ve been inspired to at least try more things, especially if I have the items on hand.

I was wrapping presents on Sunday morning and my son was absolutely delighted to play with scraps of wrapping paper and tape. If I had known it was that easy to entertain him with office supplies, I would have started sooner! 

Here’s a few crafty ideas I found online.

1. This may be too difficult to do with him at 2 1/2, but I love this egg snowman. It would make a delightfully delicious appetizer at a holiday party, too. 

2. Make a plate for Santa’s cookies. Ours wouldn’t be as elegant, but I think it’s a great yearly tradition. 

3. Create a gumdrop tree. Easy to do if you have the supplies!

4. My absolute favorite idea, though, is this Christmas tree on canvas made from handprints. My friend K did this with her oldest son and it’s an adorable Christmas decoration.

Do you have favorite Christmas crafts? After having so much fun decorating the gingerbread house, I plan to make it a yearly tradition.


One thought on “Christmas Crafts with Kids

  1. I’m terrible at crafts. I need a Mom Craft Class. 🙂 Gingerbread houses are a tradition I want to start, but we need to start getting more serious about it. One thing we did this year was color (which, for toddlers, is just vigorous scribbling) Christmas cards for their “friends,” then decorate them with stickers. The stickers were a hit.

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