Let’s Celebrate Christmas

It’s been a weekend so full of Christmas activities that even I, the lover of all things Christmas, am almost Christmas’d out. Almost.

On Friday night we went to a white elephant party. On Saturday, we actually made it through the entire church service thanks to the very entertaining Christmas program. And Saturday night Future President and I went with my mom and sister on the Journey to Bethlehem.


This is the second year we’ve gone and I was equally impressed this year as last. When you arrive, you get tickets to be part of a group of about 12-15 people. And then you wait. We were group 27 and waited about an hour before it was our turn. They provide entertainment through live Christmas music, games and stories but my child was done after about a half hour. I kept him entertained with a puzzle app on my phone.

But it really is worth the wait. The Journey to Bethlehem is a living nativity on steroids. The winding road is lined with different scenes, from the travelers with a camel, and merchants selling their wares to the stable with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. There are imposing soldiers that scared my son and a tax collector to pay with a scroll you’re given at the beginning of the journey.


It was worth the drive to Longview to participate in this awesome performance. And they really do their best to keep you entertained while you wait. Considering it’s free and it’s a good way to introduce a child to the nativity story, we will definitely be going again next year.

Then to top off our Christmasy weekend, we decorated gingerbread houses this morning. Future President ate more candy than he placed, but it was really fun. I had never decorated one before and I am so glad we did it this year. My sister’s is a work of art, while Future President’s and mine is…a magnificent work of abstract art.



Surprisingly we have absolutely nothing planned for next weekend. What Christmas events are we missing? Portland area suggestions welcome!


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