It’s That Time of Year (in Law School)

I know I should feel blessed for looking younger than I really am, but after working at this law school for almost two years, I am super tired of faculty and staff asking if I’m a law student, especially when I enter the copy center, where they are copying exams, and almost shout at me to get out! Now! I assure them I’m not a student (and sometimes want to say, in a most arrogant way, I have more degrees than you, professor!). 

This whole asking me if I’m a law student also creates severe anxiety around exam time, even though I’m done with school forever. Law school exams are the worst. Law school students talking about exams are even worse. I tried not to participate in the how long did you study, how long is your outline, how few hours of sleep did you get, etc. conversations, but it’s impossible to completely block out the hysteria and nerves that radiate from your fellow students. 

Even just working at a law school, I can feel the tension in my students. It’s not just the sloppy way most have resorted to dressing (hey, I’m not judging, I did it, too!). It’s palpable in the air, in the way they complain about every noise in the silent study areas, in the amount of coffee being consumed, and in the panic about possible inclement weather.

Looking back on previous posts from 2007, when I was still in law school, the tension during exams and the relief afterward is not adequately expressed. There is just no way to explain to someone who hasn’t been in law school (or what I can imagine is similar in medical school or another test-based graduate school grading system) how awful and stressful exam time is.

So if you’re a law student in the midst of exams, I salute you and stand in solidarity. You’re gonna get through this. I did.  


2 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year (in Law School)

  1. The older post had a great birthday shout-out! Wow, 2007 was a long time ago. Glad you’re not still in school, but still looking young!

  2. I used to get the “are you a student?” question all the time and it’s so awkward. Now, I would guess that it’s the exponential multiplication of white hairs on top of my head that has stopped that particular question.

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