Where Are All the Christmas Cards?

I love snail mail. When my grandma was alive, she gave me blank greeting cards and stamps for my birthday. And I used them! She’s been gone for almost 5 years and it seems like my zeal for posting mail kind of died with her. I know that sounds melodramatic, but the last thing I mailed her before she had a stroke was a “Happy Grandparent’s Day!” card. I used to make fun of those Hallmark holidays, but I’m so happy I sent that card before she got sick. 

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be sad. Just an announcement that I’m back and supporting the USPS! We mailed Christmas cards two years ago for Future President’s first Christmas (since we never got around to send out birth announcements!) and here we are again. Yesterday, I spent more than two hours hand addressing cards and there are at least 25 more to do. Next year, I’m printing labels! My hand was cramping and it made me realize I hardly ever handwrite anything, ever. 

A Holiday Card from 1892

So far, we’ve received two Christmas cards in the mail. They are prominently displayed on our still-empty bookshelves. So consider this my plea to get out your pen (or pencil, or marker, or sharpie) and cards and stamps and send me some snail mail. It will make the frigid walk to the mail box worth it!


In next year’s Christmas card, we’re pouting just the like the baby in this Christmas card.


One thought on “Where Are All the Christmas Cards?

  1. Oh girl, I’m with you! I used to be a prolific snail mail writer, too. But after reviewing the next couple weeks and all the events/commitments, I was just contemplating *not* sending out cards. But dammit, I just love the joy that they bring! (And, um, I bought a passel of them on clearance at Target last January.)

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