A Visit to Dairyville

I love Christmas! And I love that I have a kid because it makes trips to places like Alpenrose Dairyville magical. Having a kid also convinces my husband that outings like this aren’t lame.

Dairyville is a pretend town at the Alpenrose dairy, a local Portland dairy, about 30 minutes from our house.

My favorite part of Dairyville is Storybook Lane. It’s a tree-lined, long hall full of scenes based on books, featuring live animals.



It was so cold we were happy to periodically pop into enclosed spaces like Storybook Lane and the model train exhibits. My son would have stayed at the model trains for hours but the space is cramped and really, I can only watch a train go around the track so many times.


Santa was also available for pictures, but we didn’t even bother since my son is terrified of him.

It was really fun, really cold, and definitely worth the visit. Did I mention it’s free?


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