Let’s Bundle Up & Go to the Zoo!

Last year’s ZooLights at the Oregon Zoo was a definite highlight of our holidays. My son loves the lights and is absolutely transfixed by anything that has lights AND moves and even though there is no train this year, ZooLights does not disappoint.

20131205-071113.jpg We arrived right at 4:30 when ZooLights began, hoping a few of the animals would still be out. Well, it was too darn cold for even humans to be out, so most of the animals were inside, out of sight. This greatly disappointed my son, who really wanted to see the lions. However, we did see some monkeys, turtles, fish, bats and elephants.


Rose and Lily eating.

The highlight of the animal tour was definitely seeing baby Lily, who just turned one. What’s cuter than an elephant butt? We arrived at the elephants around 5:15, just in time to see them eat. We also took a snack break because it was warm(er) inside the building and it’s fun to eat with the elephants. Then we bundled up and headed out to see more.

My favorite part of the whole experience was the tunnel made from lights. It was magical! By this part of the pretty light journey, I was colder than I’ve been in a very long time. But I took my gloves off anyway to make sure I got a photo. Check the weather before you go and bundle up. There are not very many places to take a warming up break, so layer and then put on more layers!

A tunnel made from lights!

A tunnel made from lights!

While we did miss the train (my son is obsessed with trains!), our trip to see the ZooLights definitely made it feel like the holidays. It’s a grand exhibit, a spectacular demonstration of the beauty of lights. It also made me sort of feel like a kid, “ooo-ing and awing” at the pretty lights. And since we haven’t put up our Christmas lights, or even our tree, this will have to pacify my son’s need for Christmas lights for a while.

If you go before December 12, you can get BYGO admission for Monday through Thursday visits by visiting a local Toyota dealer to pick up a coupon. December 10 is BYGO without a coupon. More pricing information is here.

And check out my list of other holiday events in the Portland area if you need ideas. I’d love to hear how you spend the holidays. Do you prefer to stay at home and watch movies to stay out of the cold? Or do you brave the elements for holiday adventure?

*Disclaimer: I received complimentary zoo tickets to ZooLights for my family as part of media appreciation nights at the zoo. All opinions expressed are my own.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Bundle Up & Go to the Zoo!

  1. Did you and your son try to locate the 6 flamingos that the zoolights had strategically placed throughout the zoo? Even though we were near freezing, my 7 year old son (who was really disappointed about the train not being in service, too) and I searched diligently and finally located those 6 pesky flamingos, but not without the aid of some hot chocolates. 🙂

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