This Story Has a Happy Ending

Once upon a time, a little boy met a small pink, polka-dotted bear. It was love at first sight. The little boy took Gumdrop everywhere with him. Gumdrop rode in the car with the little boy, went to the store, napped and cuddled and played.

One day the little boy went to a giant warehouse full of large boxes and bulk items. He took Gumdrop with him, because remember, Gumdrop went everywhere. But somewhere between 5lb bags of spinach and the large container of jellybeans, Gumdrop was lost.

The little boy and his mommy searched everywhere for Gumdrop, but he was nowhere to be found. The mommy told the nice people at the store that a small bear had been lost, but they had to leave without Gumdrop.

Gumdrop is lost, the mommy said. Is that okay? He might not be found. The little boy tried to understand, but as the mommy loaded large jars of peaches and artichoke hearts into the car, the boy asked, “Hey! Where’s that guy?” He is lost, the mommy said, and tried to distract him. But the boy was sad.

Early the next day, the mommy received great news. Gumdrop had been found. The little boy and his beloved pink, polka-dotted bear were reunited and if the little boy’s mom would allow it, Gumdrop would take a bath and eat cheese, just like the the little boy.

Nevertheless, they lived happily ever after.



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