Today I Am Thankful


How great it is that we have a day to focus on the positive things in our lives. Today I am thankful for fabulous friends, memories of Thanksgivings celebrated in Hong Kong and Bangkok and Oxford, in D.C. and Utah and with family.

I’m thankful to be alive, that I survived a horrible car crash, that even though my health can be pretty awful at times, for modern medicine and skilled physicians.

I’m thankful for family traditions, even parades (Future President is watching the Macy’s parade and I still don’t get the appeal but it’s a tradition that began with my grandma, so I guess it’s ok), and lots of food with our families, and crowded dining room tables.

Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Today I Am Thankful

  1. Don’t forget Thanksgiving 9 years ago in NYC after an hours-long drive where we opted to stay in the warm apartment instead of trekking out to join the swarms of people actually watching the parade.
    (Run-on sentence much, HS?)

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