My Grownup Christmas List

It’s that time of year when relatives start asking for our Christmas lists. I tell most of them: please don’t get us anything. We don’t need anything.


But honestly…excuse my self-indulgence. These are the things I’ve been thinking about lately. They’re all wants, not needs. My husband already got me my gifts this year: a new iPhone and family pictures by the super talented Ben Blood.

  1. Bath towels. White, fluffy and new. The last time we got new towels for us was when we got married. Future President has nicer towels than us! But Curious George is all his.
  2. A warm rain coat with a hood. You’d think after living here for almost two years, I would own a practical coat.
  3. Boots. Brown boots. Black boots. Grey boots. Boots wide enough for my calves are almost impossible to find, especially in my price range.
  4. An iPad mini. Because, well, I’m an Apple fanatic.
  5. An ottoman with storage for all the toys that are currently all over the floor in both the family room and living room.
  6. A leather tufted headboard with matching dressers. Actually, I’d also love a DIY pallet headboard but we know that’s never going to happen.
  7. A subscription to Audible.
  8. Oregon Shakespeare Festival tickets.
  9. The services of an interior decorator who will also hang pictures and clean the garage.
  10. A housekeeper.
  11. A girls’ weekend with my BFFs in a warm place like Palm Springs or Austin.
  12. Almost anything from the Kate Spade literary line, like the book pendant and glasses earrings.
  13. This iPhone case from Out of Print (or, really anything from Out of Print, especially one of the necklaces from their new jewelry line).
  14. These Harry Potter stamps.
  15. Anything from my Librarian Gift Guides, Part 1 and Part 2.

What’s on your list? Or do you participate in a white elephant exchange and just hope for the best?


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