I Haz Owie

Let’s get real.

Healing from even a minimally invasive surgery is no joke. I’m in so much pain. Last night I twisted from back to side to front, gazing at my husband wistfully and jealously because he was asleep. I woke up at least five times between 3 and 6:45 after eventually falling asleep at midnight.

Pain medicine is no joke. When the pharmacist, the nurse and the doctor all tell you to take a stool softener along with the super duper pain meds, they aren’t joking. Along with my pain, I’m really uncomfortable. I know, I know: TMI.

And recuperation with a toddler in the house? Well, it’s something else. I have no energy. My wonderful parents and in-laws have pitched in so Future President isn’t home much and my husband and our friends are entertaining him as best they can. But he has so much energy. I can’t keep up. Especially during today’s nap boycott. Because of course there was a nap boycott two days after surgery.

Thankfully the husband is off entertaining him so I can sit in my ugly brown chair and try not to hurt.

The food friend J made was amazing. The hours our friends K and R let husband and Future President spend at their house were so generous. But I’m looking at a whole Sunday thinking how am I going to handle my exuberant child?*

Hold me.

*There’s almost 100% certainty that Cars 2 will be downloaded as well as Planes the minute it comes out on Tuesday.


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