A Little R&R

I’m a useless puddle of mush right now. I suppose that’s what surgery does to a person. Since coming home, I’ve slept, taken medicine, tried to eat food, and have drunk copious amounts of Ginger ale. And slept some more.

Did you know Project Runway and The Mindy Project are even more enjoyable while taking pain meds? My son is also even more hilarious than usual, too.

Trying to explain why I can’t pick him up or why he can’t sit on my lap – now that’s an impossibility.

I am so thankful to our family and friends for providing food and support and child care. It really does take a village and my little village is stepping up in the best possible way. Thank you, thank you!

I am also thankful for the medical professionals for taking good care of me. I’m hopefully better but only time will tell.

I’m supposed to rest. So I’m going back to sleep now.

P.S. A special thanks to my new friend J for a wonderful meal. You rock, sister friend!



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