Send Lives

Good morning! I’ve been up since before dawn and if you’re reading this on Thursday morning, you’re catching me at a bad time. I’m having surgery.

When I get out of surgery and after I’ve slept off the anesthesia, I’d like to wake up to this: more Candy Crush lives. Keep them coming. I have two weeks of downtime and I’m supposed to rest. Which means I can’t clean or unpack boxes, like I really want to. You know, I’d like to have an organized, decorated house by Christmas. But since I’m bed and/or couch-bound for a while, I’ll be catching up on Nashville, maybe starting Scandal, and what else? Send TV and movie recommendations my way. If I’m really bored, I might even finish Arrested Development.

And you know I’ll be waiting for extra lives in Candy Crush because seriously, Peppermint Palace is no joke.


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