Baking with Children

I made banana bread this week. Future President wanted to help me, so I set him up with an apron and fork to help me mash the bananas. The bananas were quite old and very spotted. I definitely would have gagged if I had taken a bite of any of them. I had six old bananas, exactly the number required for a new gluten-free recipe I wanted to try.

Future President didn’t get that mashing was the only thing I wanted him to do. Between each mash, he would take a bite, so that by the time we were done mashing I was down to about four and a half bananas. Coupled with the fact that I didn’t have baking powder, let’s just say the banana bread turned out a little doughy and didn’t rise like it should have. All the extra chocolate chips we used made up for it.

Future President loves to help in the kitchen. He’s a great helper at unloading the dishwasher and likes to use a hand vacuum to pick up crumbs. He also loves to mix anything in a bowl. I attribute this to his favorite Daniel Tiger episode about baking.

Now if only I could find a TV show about getting a hair cut!



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