A Jeep Goes to the Beach

Our rental car in Hawaii was a Jeep, a free upgrade since Enterprise was out of convertibles. It wasn’t much of an upgrade, since it had almost no power, but we could fit all of our luggage in it, which was actually quite the feat! Four people, four suitcases and three carry-on bags!


The rock formation at La’ie Point is worth the drive.

I highly recommend renting a car for at least a day or two on Oahu. There’s so much to see outside of Waikiki. On our first trek, we drove to Turtle Bay. The boys wanted to snorkel and we wanted to lay out on the beach. But first, our daredevil friend wanted to stop for a cliff dive and we got some great pictures of the beautiful rock formation at La’ie Point.


Cliff jumping at La’ie Point.

Happily, we arrived at Turtle Bay late enough in the day that the beach wasn’t crowded. We even snagged some beach chairs under a palm-thatched umbrella. It was very picturesque, even though the boys were disappointed the snorkeling wasn’t very good.


Relaxing at Turtle Bay

After relaxing at the beach, we drove to Ted’s Bakery for an early dinner. The mahi mahi was delicious! We continued the drive up the North Shore and missed shave ice at Matsumoto by 12 minutes. That should teach me, the librarian, to do my research before being sorely disappointed!


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