Top 5 Things to Do in Waikiki

We spent four nights and five days in Hawaii. Our hotel was on Waikiki beach, which was a great central location. Even if you only have a few days on the island and can’t rent a car, there’s so much to do!

1) Eat half-price sushi. Conveniently located at our hotel, we enjoyed more sushi than I’ve ever eaten. It was beautiful and delicious. So delicious I don’t have a single picture.

2) Eat at Yogurtland. Ok, we have frozen yogurt here. But mochi toppings? And popping boba? It’s vacation food. And calorie free when on vacation, right?

3) Watch the sunset.


4) Shop. Or rather, window shop. The stores directly on Waikiki are high end, except for the ABC stores, which have delightful items like flower hair clips and chocolate macadamia nut everything! I actually saw a line out the door to the UGG store.

5) People watch. I’ve never seen so many ways to dress for vacation. I saw heels and high tops on the beach. I saw turtle necks and jackets.

And of course, there’s always the best option: do nothing. For hours.

Stay tuned for wonderful things to do when you venture off of Waikiki beach.


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