The Red Cups are Here

I love Christmas. I love Thanksgiving. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.

Because: egg nog.

Once the red cups arrive, I can start listening to Christmas music without shame, plan the Thanksgiving menu and ponder in earnest what to buy my husband for Christmas, since he is the hardest person to shop for. In fact, I am almost done Christmas shopping for everyone else. (Thank you, Hawaii Costco!)

So on Monday at work, I’ll crank up the Mariah Carey Christmas tunes. No shame!

Do you wait until December to turn on Christmas music? What about Christmas lights – when do they go up?


2 thoughts on “The Red Cups are Here

  1. See, I knew I liked you and this is further evidence. I, too, was at Starbucks to get a red cup this weekend. Sigh. To prevent premature divorcing, I keep the decorations and lights under wraps until Black Friday. But as you might know, what I lack in early celebrating, I make up for in Valentine’s and St. Paddy’s trees. (ha!) And I keep a couple xmas tracks on my gym mix. I know it’s been a good workout when I get to “sleigh ride.”

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