2013 Fall TV That’s Worth Watching

In November 2011, about 9 months after having a baby, I lamented that I didn’t have as much time to watch TV as I did before having a baby. Even though we have a TiVo again, I think I watch even less than I did almost two years ago. Most of it is still because of said child, but also because of my 10,000 steps goal and the fact that my commute is sometimes almost 2 hours. I just don’t want to sit. (Anyone selling a treadmill or elliptical? A friend of mine lost weight because she made a pact with herself that she could only watch TV if she was exercising. I would love to do that, but PHEW! exercise equipment is expensive!)

Anyway, I digress.

Fall 2013 has ushered in some good new TV shows, and the usual great returning suspects. There’s also been a few bombs, some of which have already been cancelled.

My new favorites:

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  2. The Michael J. Fox Show

Shows I Gave Up On Immediately: Moms, The Crazy Ones and The Goldbergs.

My returning favorites:

  1. The Amazing Race
  2. New Girl
  3. Parenthood
  4. Parks and Rec
  5. Top Chef

Runners up: The Mindy Project (bring Casey back!); Survivor (I stopped watching a few seasons back but have returned because the premise is compelling: family members competing against each other). We also continue to watch The Middle and Modern Family, which are both still routinely funny, but not as great as their earlier seasons.

On the fence: How I Met Your Mother. When is Ted going to meet the mother? Why did they remove all of the action to the stupid hotel? Why is Marshall on a road trip? Argh. You’ve jumped the shark, HIMYM! And Nashville. Perhaps for the same reason I gave up on Revenge: too soap-opery this season so far. Get back to the music!

Apparently I still watch way too much TV.

Do you have any new favorites this season?


2 thoughts on “2013 Fall TV That’s Worth Watching

  1. We started watching Hello Ladies on HBO – it’s funny, in that same painfully awkward way the first season of the Office was funny. We also watched Super Fun Night and abandoned it immediately after watching the 1st episode.

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