What Happens in Vegas

Yesterday, after a great day of lectures, I decided to brave The Strip. A friend had never been to Vegas before, so I felt it was my duty to show her around. And it was fine because the entire time we kept telling each other things like,
“I hope these foreign tourists don’t think the rest of America is like this,” and
“Why did they bring their baby?!?” And
“OMG, that lady is pregnant. She must be miserable,” and
“It’s so loud. It’s so crowded,” and
“Did that DUI patrol van just pull over a cab?”

We did go to the Bellagio, which is beautiful if you can forget it’s also a casino.

The seasonal art installation was quite spectacular, except for the creepy talking trees.



And then we walked to the Venetian, because who doesn’t want to see a fake gondola?


I can honestly say that unless I have a very good reason to go back – like for work, or a wedding – I don’t need to go to Vegas ever again.


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