Vegas, Baby

I’m in Vegas.

I’m a decidedly un-Vegas person, considering that I don’t gamble, abhor the outfits waitresses wear at most of the establishments here, and I hate cigarette smoke.

However, I’m here for a conference with a bunch of law librarians, and it’s fun. Don’t let anyone tell you that law librarians don’t know how to have fun. Last night a magician came to our opening reception and blew our minds with card tricks. We didn’t let him leave until he taught us a trick that I can now practice to dazzle my family and friends.

While I go back to conferencing, here’s a few pictures:

The view on my flight yesterday.

Check out this cool chandelier in the Hard Rock Hotel!

This sign made me laugh.



One thought on “Vegas, Baby

  1. To me, the HRH will always be known as “the hotel where my husband was astonished when propositioned by a prostitute.” (His comment at the time, “Dear God, that hasn’t happened to me since I was in the Navy!”)

    Have fun. There are some great things to do away from the strip if you can!

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