In college we had to go to chapel. Yup, I went to one of those small, Christian colleges that had gender-restricted dorms without visiting hours and required chapel. I loved college but not all the rules.

Anyway, one Week of Prayer, which was a whole week of chapels, the theme was “When Life Gives You Lemons…” The speakers finished the sentence in creative and interesting ways. Not just, “you make lemonade!” but really thoughtful responses. It’s one of the only Weeks of Prayer I remember.

I’m in a place in life where lemons keep getting thrown at my head.

When life gives you lemons, make tea.

I am so thankful for supportive friends, for parenting blogs, and brief breaks in the rain so I can walk and clear my head.

I will blog more about the lemons being thrown at me soon, but until everything is more certain, I’m going to drink some tea.



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