Goodbye, Kitty

On Saturday night, my in-laws returned home from a hike to find their cat in serious distress. The ended up putting down their 12-year old cat that night. I found out about it on Sunday and was very sad.

Kitty was the only pet left in my life. My sister and her dog are far away in Idaho and my husband and I are a) too lazy for a pet; b) too busy for a pet and c) get attached too easily that saying goodbye to a beloved animal is not something we look forward to.

One of my first thoughts was how I was possibly going to explain this to Future President. Monday is spent at Grammy’s and his days at her house are often spent avoiding his frenemy, as the cat bit him at least three times. But they were making peace. When I dropped him off on Monday, my mother-in-law didn’t want to talk about it in front of him. Understandably so. I was worried what would happen later in the day. He did ask a few hours later, “Where’s my kitty?” She told him that Kitty went bye-bye.

Will he ask about Kitty again tomorrow? Next week?

I honestly have no idea what to tell him. That cats go to heaven? That he’s sleeping? That he, indeed, went bye-bye?


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