Top 10 Signs I’m Getting Old

1. I did not find a single thing I would have considered buying at Urban Outfitters while shopping yesterday even if it was dirt cheap.

2. I do not understand the high-low dress, skirt, and shirt trend. It is so ugly.

3. Staying up late now means 10:30.

4. Sleeping in now means 7:30.

5. I do not have the patience for boring or poorly written books and have adopted my friend’s theory that if you aren’t into a book after 50 pages, stop wasting your time.

6. I really have to wear my contacts or glasses to see anything any more.

7. I can’t keep up with celebrity gossip and after many years of reading Perez Hilton and TMZ, I just don’t care any more.

8. Speaking of “celebrities,” I can’t watch reality shows like Teen Mom and Real Housewives. I just don’t care any more. (And yet I’m obsessed with Big Brother. It makes no sense.)

9. I’d rather spend a few extra dollars at a single grocery store than go to many different stores for a sale, because it’s one less time I have to get my kid out of the car. Maybe this is just a mom thing, not an aging thing.

10. I just want comfortable shoes and I’ve stopped buying shoes if they’re cheap and cute. They have to fit really well and be comfy all day long. This makes me so sad.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs I’m Getting Old

  1. I’ve started having to “trombone” to read things — I’m finding that a lot of stuff is easier to read if I move it away from my eyes. I WILL NOT GET BIFOCALS.

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