How About Now?

“How about now? How about right now?” 

Tig Notaro is an inspiration. I listened to her interview with Chris Hardwick only knowing that she was the comedian who got cancer around the same time her mother died. I had never heard her comedy but was laughing and almost crying during this interview. 

You should listen to it for yourself, for sure. One of my favorite things about this interview was when Tig told the story about how she’s always been the “How about now?” type of person – if she drives by a bowling alley at 10 a.m., why not bowl if she feels like it? Her perspective is amazing and even more inspiring considering the year she had in 2012. 

You can listen to more of her story at This American Life and The Moth, two of my favorite podcasts. 

In the last few days, after listening to her interview with Chris, I’ve been asking myself, “How about now? How about right now?” It’s amazing what this perspective brings to daily life, even if for me it’s meant going to sleep at 9:30 p.m., letting my child vacuum endlessly and doing sit ups. I’m hoping this perspective translates into something more meaningful. 


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