One Day in August

It was really humid in Portland today. D.C. humid. It especially reminded me of D.C. because it was first-year orientation and I was catapulted back to D.C. and my first day of law school.

I suppose I should have known it was going to be a rough start when I started crying on I-95 as we drove into the city in our overpacked car. And how I sat in my empty apartment with two other girls starting at the same school and when one of them asked me why I was going to law school, I didn’t have a great answer.

I still remember the sinking feeling I got during orientation when the teacher started talking about briefing cases. The only reason I made it through that evening was because of C. She was and is my closest friend from law school. Someone was looking out for me by putting us near each other that day and putting us in the same legal writing section.

I hated law school. Hated it. I’ve never told anyone how much I hated it and only my husband knows how awful it was those three years.

But guess what? I made it. And it’s worked out. I love my job. And I wouldn’t be here without a law degree.

But part of me wanted to say to those law students today: it’s not too late to change your mind.


One thought on “One Day in August

  1. I remember the first day, walking to class, and realizing (at 29, after career 1) that I must be out of my mind to have signed up for something that required my presence (and a lot of work) for three years, and not only would I not get paid, I was going into debt for it. WTF? That has to be insanity.

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