Friday Reads (is Back!)

This article, Why Millennials are Leaving the Church, really resonated with me. And I echo her need for high church, particularly because it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to be cool and remains authentic even today.

Why Bedtime Matters is a serious issue in our house right now. I firmly believe that a consistent bedtime is important, which is why I try so hard to get Future President to go to sleep by 8. I’m sure we are breaking every parenting rule in the book, but the only thing that’s worked lately is giving him a few cars to play with until he puts himself to sleep. It’s actually working! (Fingers crossed, knock on wood!)

Thanks to AAL for posting a link to this beautiful essay, Time Travel is a Voodoo Rite. Grab some tissues though, it’s a heartbreaker.

I watched Better Off Dead every Christmas for years. It’s really a family tradition. So this blog post, Cheer Up Little Buckaroo: The Legal Issues of Better Off Dead, made me laugh so hard!


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