Daddy’s Brother

This morning during breakfast I was trying to explain to Future President that Uncle J is Daddy’s Brother and that Uncle A is my brother.

“Do you have a brother?” I asked him. 

“Yes!” he replied. “I’m Grammy’s brother. Grandpa no have brother. He needs new brother.” 

“Ok,” I said, deciding it wasn’t worth trying to explain the nitty gritty of familial relationships. 

“Auntie B your sister,” he told me. Which is kind of true. She’s my sister in law. 

Then I started to wonder if he had taken in more than we’ve given him credit for – Grandpa has lost a “brother,” a best friend. He does need a new one. 

Now I’m just trying to figure out why he thinks he is Grammy’s brother. Stay tuned for Toddler Idea Dissection 101.


One thought on “Daddy’s Brother

  1. In our old home, we became very close friends with our next-door neighbors. When their little girl was born, my daughter held her when she was just a day old, in the hospital. So, we had always been a part of this little girl’s life, and she always called both my daughter and me by our first names. One day, my daughter called me “mom” in front of our little neighbor girl. She laughed and said, “She’s not your mom!” like my daughter had just pulled off some very funny joke. It took a bit of a conversation, but we finally convinced her that I was, indeed, Rosebud’s mother.

    I guess we had just always been Rosebud and Kate who lived next door. It never occurred to her to decipher why we lived in the same home or what our relationship to each other might be.

    How sweet that your son recognized a need and a void in Grandpa’s life and that he was willing to take on that role. Friend, brother, grandson–all can be such close relationships.

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living
    Kate’s genealogical newspaper stories from Iowa in 1870s@Finding Their Stories

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